Shou Cake

  • Shou Pu-erh tea is a mellow black tea which has been fermented for up to fifty days to create a dark red-brown tea which is packed with flavour.
  • This tea consists of tightly-rolled tea leaves in a classic cake shape. Originally made from a large-leaf Yunnan tea, Shou Pu-erh has been aged and fermented to develop a distinct flavour.
  • This tea is full of distinct flavours. Cooker herbs and rich, smooth and sweet notes dominate this tea, and as it ages it will soften to develop a subtle and deep bouquet.
  • As you would expect from Valley of Tea, this tea is the product of artisan farmers from one of China’s most famed tea-producing regions. It has been packaged to retain flavour even as it travels from China to your pot.
  • While your Shou Pu-erh has already been aged, its journey is far from over. This cake can be kept for decades or longer, during which time it will develop more depth of flavour.

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