Spicy Chickenspice

  • It’s the most popular meat in the world - grilled, fried, roasted or cooked on an open flame. But what if your chicken tastes just a bit bland? Our Spicy Chicken spice mix will liven up your poultry with mouthwatering flavours.
  • Featuring a special blend of piquant, hot chilli spice, this blend is perfect for grilled chicken, or chicken cooked over coals on a barbecue.
  • Easy to use, simply rub this spice mix onto chicken leg or breast, and then cook it as normal. You’ll experience a hit of hot and spicy flavour in every bite.
  • Want even more flavourful chicken? Mix this spice mix with oil and marinade your chicken for at least an hour or even overnight. The flavour will permeate the bird, leading to tender, juicy, succulent chicken.
  • As with all of our spices, this Spicy Chicken spice mix is made from top quality herbs, spices and seasonings carefully selected and prepared by experts.

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