Stevia Leaf

  • Stevia Leaves are the source of stevia powder, one of the world's most popular sweeteners and sugar substitutes. As such, Stevia Leaves are intensely sweet, and often used to brew a sweet tea or to sweeten other beverages such as green tea.
  • Stevia Leaves can be added to teas and smoothies, or used for a quick burst of sweetness that'll help you beat your cravings for unhealthy snacks, chocolate and sweets. The leaves actually contain very few calories, making it a great sugar alternative in cooking.
  • Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, and the leaves contribute hardly any calories or carbohydrates to your diet As such, many health-conscious consumers make sure they always have a handful of Stevia Leaves to hand.
  • 100% natural and 100% Organic
  • We strongly believe that the higher quality a product, the more benefits it brings - because it's loaded with the right substances. That's why we search around the world for the finest produce.

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