Sweet Chicken Spice

  • Roasted or grilled, breast or leg, even a crispy baked chicken wing - chicken is the world’s favourite meat. Not least because it’s so versatile, as you’ll find out when you use our Sweet Chicken Spice blend.
  • This careful blend of sweet and spicy seasonings is perfectly balanced to bring out the meat’s natural sweetness, while adding a deep hit of chilli spice. We’re sure you’ll love it.
  • Using our Sweet Chicken spice mix couldn’t be easier. Simply shake or rub it onto your chicken and then cook as normal. Then enjoy with your favourite side dishes.
  • Our spice mix can also be used to make a hot and sweet chicken marinade. Mix it with a neutral flavoured oil, and use it to marinade your chicken in the fridge overnight. Then enjoy a tender, succulent, spicy meal!
  • The spices in our Sweet Chicken spice mix are sourced from the very best farmers and suppliers to create the very best seasonings for your favourite chicken dishes.

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