Tie Guan Yin Supreme

  • Warm and buttery in aroma, thick and malty on the tongue, our Tie Guan Yin Supreme is a Taiwanese tea with a proud heritage and an unmistakeable taste.
  • Unlike modern green, fresh Tie Guan Yin, this tea has been slowly roasted in accordance with traditional methods that many thought lost. The secrets of Tie Guan Yin Supreme were almost forgotten, but its flavour never will be.
  • Valley of Tea source this traditional tea from the Alishan Tea Mountain in Taiwan, where master artisans prepare and slow roast the leaves using traditional methods.
  • This tea is truly a blast from the past. One happy customer wrote to tell us that it reminded him of tea enjoyed with a grandparent many decades ago.
  • For the true Tie Guan Yin Supreme experience, we recommend preparing the tea in a traditional Gaiwan pot. You’ll be glad you did.

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