• This toucha offers a clean and rich sweetness with just a hint of shou pu-erh flavour.
  • Grown on the slopes of Yunnan in China, this tea has a proud tradition in Chinese tea culture which stretches back for centuries.
  • A classic bird’s nest-shaped pu-erh tea. As with all of our Chinese teas, this Toucha has been grown and processed by master tea craftsmen, before being packaged on-site to ensure freshness on its long journey to your pot.
  • Perfect for beginners, but with enough complexity to delight expert connoisseurs, Toucha is the ideal tea for bringing a friend or loved one into the world of fine tea.
  • Like all pu-erh teas, Toucha can be carefully stored and aged for a number of years. The longer you leave this tea, the more deep and complex the flavour that develops.

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