White Pepper

  • White pepper is milder and less spicy than its more commonly used cousin, black pepper, with a simpler and cleaner flavour profile. But this spice is perfect when you still want to add a peppery bite to your dishes, but without highly visible black pepper flecks.
  • White peppercorns are made from the same berries as black pepper. But while black peppercorns are picked and dried before they are ripe, white pepper is made from fully ripe pepper berries which are fermented and skinned to remove some of their volatile oils.
  • Freshly ground white pepper may lack the kick of black pepper, but many cooks swear that it is the perfect addition to a white sauce, a fish dish or even a soup. Experiment with this versatile spice yourself, and we're certain you'll find a place for it in your kitchen.
  • 100% natural
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