Witch Hazel Leaf

  • Witch Hazel Leaf is a traditional herbal remedy that was used in the past to treat all manner of ailments. Because of various compounds within the leaf, herbologists found that it could help their patients to improve their condition and wellbeing.
  • This herb is packed with a range of beneficial compounds. Firstly, it contains a large number of astringent compounds, all of which can help tighten the skin when applied topically. Secondly, it is anti-inflammatory, which helps in all manner of situations.
  • These Witch Hazel leaves have been specially selected by our experts. The best quality leaves are then specially packaged to ensure that they reach you in peak condition, ready for your use.
  • 100% natural and 100% Organic
  • We strongly believe that the higher quality a product, the more benefits it brings - because it's loaded with the right substances. That's why we search around the world for the finest produce.

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