Yellow Tea

  • The product of one of the world’s up and coming tea growing regions, Korean Yellow Tea is a truly unique tea.
  • As a result of Korea’s distinct terroir and climate, this Yellow Tea is full of unique flavours, which are further developed by an extra step which creates the distinctive texture and colour.
  • The flavour of this tea is sure to surprise you. Fresh, green tea aromas are coupled with a silky depth that you’d expect from a black tea. It’s much softer on the stomach than green tea, allowing you to enjoy cup after cup.
  • Yellow Tea is one of the few teas which are handmade in Korea by artisan farmers. This isn’t just a new tea to try. This is the pinnacle of Korean tea art!
  • If you’re curious about new teas, we highly recommend you take the time to try this Yellow Tea. It’s fast becoming one of our favourites, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way.

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