Yiwu Raw

  • Rich and sweet with fruity undertones, a classic high quality sheng pu-erh tea. Grown on the slopes of Yunnan in China.
  • While this tea does carry notes of young raw pu-erh bitterness, it can be carefully aged to develop smoother and even richer flavours, which are rewarding in their complexity.
  • Raw Sheng Pu-erh tea is highly sought after by tea lovers all over the world. This fresh pu-erh offers a sweeter, more fragrant tea than the more widespread cooked pu-erh tea.
  • When steeped, our loose leaf Pu-erh produces a tea with a deep, bold and earthy flavour which energises and lifts the drinker.
  • A true favourite with the wise and the wealthy for thousands of years, this raw Pu-erh is now available for our customers throughout Europe. This is your chance to experience this unique tea for yourself!

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