Yun Nan Dian Hong

  • This tea brews into a great tasting golden yellow tea with a full-bodied rich taste and aroma. A sip of this tea will reveal hints of cocoa, pepper and a faint touch of honey.
  • The full body and perfect balance of this tea is a result of the climate in which it grows – high on China’s misty Yunnan mountains.
  • Yunnan Black Tea is one of China’s best loved black teas. And rightly so! Our Yunnan tea is produced by a traditional artisan farm, which is located close to the Dianxi Longitudinal valley.
  • This loose leaf tea is easy to brew as it refuses to become bitter no matter how long you steep it, resulting in a perfectly balanced tea.
  • Experience the freshness of our tea – packaged on the farm and delivered straight to your door!

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